#1 Google Rankings: How To Claim Business on Google

By Hannah Arroyo on September 20, 2021

The best way to get noticed on Google is by getting the #1 spot when individuals search for a complex, especially if they’re searching for your complex by name. Lower spots mean investigators will find your competitors first. Sometimes, even if researchers type in the name of your location, they may not find you directly. To get to the #1 spots, you’ll need to make a Google My Business profile and claiming your complex on Google Maps in order to claim business on Google.

Create a Google My Business and Google Maps Profile

If you don’t already have a business profile with Google, you’ll want to start by creating one on their server. You’ll also need to claim your business on Google Maps. Once you have the profiles created and under your business name, you’ll need to make sure all your relevant and identifiable information is easily accessible.

Basic Information

Some information is obvious and simple to put up and leave up. Things like the complex name and the phone number to reach the housing managers, as well as the website URL and the facility address, are all one-time updates. A few things do have the potential to change, though.

Keep Your Hours Accurate

When your hours change, especially for a holiday or a day off, be sure that this is visible on your profile. You can also specify times for certain topics, such as contact hours for management, times for tours, schedules for when amenities are open, and quiet hours. If these hours change, change it on your account!

Popular Times To Visit

Having an example of popular times to visit will encourage individuals to contact you. Both by showing that you receive communication and by displaying when you are more available through a chart, individuals can decide what works best for them to reach out while feeling that you are popular enough to make them want to hurry.


Other aspects that aren’t as usual are also available to help you claim business on Google. Some aspects are inherent to a Google My Business profile.

Business Category!

On Google My Business, there is an area where you can select what category your business falls into. As specifically a housing complex, selecting a housing category will make Google more likely to suggest you as an option when individuals generally search for housing in an area.

Verify Your Location(s)

Especially because individuals search for housing in specific areas, you’ll want your location to be verified. This will show Google that you’re able to show up in search results for a specific location and will actually be applicable to what individuals are searching for.


Adding images is one of the most influential aspects of your online advertising. Individuals will want to see samples of what your complex offers, both with the apartments themselves as well as pictures of your location and the amenities you offer.

Manage And Respond To Reviews

On you Google profile, you’ll receive reviews from your current and former tenants. Responding to every review will boost your ranking with Google, but responding appropriately will boost your response from previous and prospective tenants. There are specific rules for Google reviews, so if you feel someone unfairly gives you a negative review, there are ways to address that.

Answer Questions

Individuals can also direct questions to you about your property. Answering these questions will boost you the same way responding to reviews will – you’ll show your complex as more responsive, more conversational, and better equipped to handle tenant concerns.


On your actual website, you’ll need content informing potential residents and current residents about your complex, housing tips, and other city recommendations. The more focused you are on issues that residents face, the more engaged they will be with your content, and with that, your complex.

Make Consistent Posts

Consistency is key when it comes to routinely getting information out to tenants. Creating content that they can rely on receiving is important both for you to receive views and potential tenants. They can know when to expect information, and Google will rank you higher for being consistent. This will also claim business on Google simply by having more pages under your website for individuals to search.

Promote Events

Hosting events that are relevant to your community, or even just promoting events that your primary type of tenants would be interested in, is a great way to get traffic on your website and pull interest towards your complex. Whether this is a concert or a garden party, having popular event information related to you will generate this interest.

Especially if you have the events at your complex, you’ll be able to have individuals get to know where you are and what your complex is like. Be sure when planning this that you’re having events that your residents will want to have, because it will interrupt their daily lives if it is at your location.

On-Page Relevance

More applicable and informative content can increase your traffic by 2,000%, again giving you more access to potential residents and especially residents from your competition. Having this kind of relevance to individuals (meaning getting more clicks on your related pages) will boost your ranking in Google by showing you as a trustworthy source and a more usable source in your area. This will have your complex come up on Google Maps and on searches for housing, not just your complex by name.

SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization is what improving you’re doing when you claim business on Google. Interestingly, some aspects of a Google My Business claim are more specific to what other websites have to do with your site. Basically, it shows how relevant and credible you are to have other businesses attached to you.


In the content that you have on your site, although not specifically on your listing, it’s important to have citations for your information. This will help you prove yourself as an expert in what you do and how your complex stands above your competitors.


Backlinks are the other side of citations. Having other individuals link to you as a reputable source will make your rating in Google skyrocket. Another reason why linking to other content and promoting other events is important is because it gives those companies an opportunity to use you as a source. And when you’re a source, you seem more important to Google.

Some is Great, All is Best!

Having all of these resources and options on your Google My Business listing and your apartment website is the best way to increase and claim business on Google. If you only have a Google My Business, you’ll at least get traffic on Google and begin to rank by having your information out there.

Having more ways for individuals to reach your complex, either by your direct response to questions or by added content to your website, will be the best ways for Google to promote you automatically. Your complex will be shown automatically to individuals looking to rent, and you’ll fill up on leases!

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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