5 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Start Using

By Hannah Arroyo on September 6, 2021

Direct mail marketing is incredibly effective as a marketing strategy, both to get new customers and to reinterest previous ones. It has a higher response rate than other types of online ads, including mobile ads and emails, that shows up to a 13 to 1 return on investment. Because of this, it’s important to have a good mail marketing strategy. We’ve put together a list of direct mail marketing ideas proven to work.

Bigger is Better

Individuals are more likely to open and respond to mail that is interesting, and one of the best ways to do that is to have oversized mailings. Even if an individual has never heard of or rented with you before, they’re 15% more likely to respond to larger mail pieces than to regular envelopes.

Differences are also important in the method of delivery. Mail in odd shapes or with texture is also more interesting and more likely to pull in clientele. Dimensional packages are the third most likely out of different types of mail pieces to pull in responses. Whether you include a small item that represents your location, a card with raised fonts or outdented images, or packaging casing, having a difference from other mail pieces inherent in your delivery will spark more initial interest for your message.

Timeliness is Key

Knowing when to send out mail is one of the most important aspects of your direct mail marketing ideas. If you send out your mail at the wrong times, you’ll see less return and more disinterested customers, even with good direct mail marketing ideas. Knowing what draws individuals to your product, as well as who your customers are and what they are looking for, can help you decide when the best times are to send out reminders, deals, and follow ups.


The individuals most responsive to direct mail are, surprisingly, young adults, but you’ll also have to target individuals based on what kinds of tenants you’re looking for. The best way to outreach to specific individuals is to find out where they are and what their needs are, whether that’s looking into what they want from your competition or checking up on their social media groups and interests. If you target their interests, they’ll be more likely to respond.

You will need to refine this list frequently. A lot of information can change between the times that you send out information, with everything from do-not-mail lists to name changes. Once you have your preferred mailing list down, keep updating it and check up on it to be sure you’re not driving away potential renters with misinformation.

Sending Timeframes

Depending on what tenants you’re looking for will impact what times you send out your mail advertising. For flower companies, mother’s day and wedding season are the best times to outreach, but as a tenant-based company, you’ll be targeting those in their 20s moving out for the first time, recently married couples looking for cheaper housing, and students and single renters looking for short, multiple-year contracts.

For married housing, wedding season is most popular in spring. Sending out advertisements in winter while the engagement is still in full swing is the best time to catch couples looking to move in together in a new space. Students, though, are going to be starting in fall or winter. Summer break, even as early as April or May, are likely to interest those moving out right after high school or moving around between semesters.

Special Offers

Similarly, giving discounts for events like starting college or getting married can interest more buyers to your location and feel more personal. When individuals see the additional interest you take in their personal lives, they’ll feel more attraction to picking your complex to rent from.

Big Deals

Whether you’re offering a benefit or a discount, including “gifts” for your mail recipients will also boost your consumer interest. You can use your amenities as a big part of this. Individuals want things like pool and gym access, included air conditioning, laundry access, just as much as they want to see deals that you offer like a percentage off of rent or no utility costs for a certain amount of time.

Things that won’t matter so much to you and your profits will be a huge deal to your prospective renters. Using direct mail marketing ideas like emphasizing things individuals want at no additional cost to you are some of the most important factors in apartment marketing.

Internet Access

A growing way to pique interest and an excellent way to get more information to your clients is to have a web attachment as part of your mail advertising. This gives out more than what you can fit on a piece of mail and lets you put more personalization on what you send.

Approximately 64% of individuals who received direct mail with web access used to it access the company’s site. If you input a QR code or reply code, it’s much easier for renters to get to your information and makes them more immediately invested in what you have to offer. Linking directly to where they can get an online view of the property or check your prices so it is immediately accessible will be a huge benefit to your sales.

Show and Tell

Having internet information as well as phone and mail contact info allows clients to pick which way they are most comfortable responding and helps appeal to more people without you having to lift a finger. it shows clients that you’re comfortable with they reaching out to you, and allowing for multiple ways to respond helps individuals feel comfortable about responding.

Let your potential renters know what you’re offering right on your mail pieces. Include the statement on what you offer and any codes for deals, your best amenities and features, and a web or office location where they can apply. Having what they need for a purchasing decision will spur more individuals to make that decision sooner, increasing your residents and your sales.

Add interactivity

Some of the best mail ads have activities, clever wording, and engaging imagery to pull in more client interest. This kind of interactivity with the defined offer and ability for personal interaction makes more and lasting interest from potential renters. Being memorable in a positive way will draw more individuals to you.

Start Using Direct Mail Marketing Ideas!

What’s stopping you from starting? With just a little research into your desired renters, you can have a marketing campaign more personalized and more utilized than other methods combined. This kind of informed, directed advertising will increase your returns and increase the likelihood of long-term contracts. To see more on how to personalize or to get help on reaching new tenants, check out our offers today.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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