Should You Still Have a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

By Hannah Arroyo on August 30, 2021

Mail used to be the only way to contact individuals about your company and products if they weren’t walking by your storefront, but this isn’t the case nowadays. Media has been increasingly taking over the marketing field, but there is still a soft spot for direct mail. In fact, a direct mail marketing strategy is one of the most impactful ways to do marketing. Despite its seemingly outdated style, mail marketing is one of the most popular with consumers and can be the most profitable strategy for businesses.

Why is Direct Mail Sticking Around?

Almost three quarters of consumers actually prefer to get mail advertising over other types of ads. To consumers, it feels more real and more trustworthy to receive a physical ad over viewing one online or in public. It also brings in more positive feelings, whether due to the romanization of letters or the personalization companies are able to put into mail.


Individuals are drawn to physical mail ads in part because there are more senses involved. It turns out that individuals are quick to pick up and slow to get rid of mail, and are much happier to receive and hold onto physical information. Whether this works as an additional reminder or as an assurance of a deal, most individuals will hang onto the mail with an intent to make a purchase, use a coupon, or contact a business.


Most individuals feel that mail that they receive from companies is more personal than the ads companies put out online. Even if the same ad is mailed to hundreds of people, the fact that it arrives at their house with their address and name on the envelope is more personalization than they’ve seen from ads on webpages.

Physical ads are easy to personalize further with information on a location’s demographics. With everything from average age to income level, targeting mail ads towards the local average is increases customer appreciation as it is more likely to match to their lifestyle and needs.


Physical mail also feels more trustworthy to consumers. Having something that they can hold onto to show an associate, whether a deal that they receive or a product listed, is an assurance to them that what you’re offering can be verified.

Consumers also realize that their information is less at risk when they receive direct mail marketing. A lot of individuals are worried about their web information being tracked or their personal information being hacked into when responding online, but through the mail, these aren’t even concerns.

Putting your company on paper that they can use and reference is more reassuring, which helps them feel more confident in their purchases with you. This often increases the number of purchases that customers make, just from the confidence of having something to refer back to.

Romantic and Nostalgic

For a lot of people, letters have become somewhat synonymous with a time before technology was as intrusive and ever-present as it currently is. Most people currently receive about 30 emails to every letter they receive and feel that they receive too many emails. While this doesn’t mean that emails are bad, it means that more individuals are spending increased time and feeling increased appreciation for receiving letters and time away from online issues.

Individuals also associate letters with more personal significance. Handwritten notes and real signatures go a long way with this, simply for the association of how long it takes to write instead of type. On top of this, the additional personalization of adding items or joke to the message can make the contact feel more human and enjoyable.

Is a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy Good for a Business?

With all these positives to consumers, it feels like a no-brainer to include a direct mail marketing strategy as part of business marketing. And it turns out, it’s even worth it as a business! It increases consumer interest leads to more purchases, and the methods aren’t costly or convoluted.

Useable and Versatile

Direct mail that individuals receive is more likely to be opened, read, and responded to. Consumers are likely to use the information in the mail piece to reach out for more information. With things like QR codes, you can direct customers to a website for more information or for access to purchase your product, increasing the amount of contact with your business and potential sales.


Mail is largely considered an outdated form of communication, but studies actually show that those 25 and under are most responsive to any direct mail marketing strategy. Whether Gen Z or Millennial, younger generations are actually showing more interest in mailed information than their elders.

Having this youth appeal widens the market both now and in the future. It brings in new potential clients as well as being an effective method of retaining customers who have already made purchases, increasing the likelihood of future purchases as well.

Cost Effective

Mail marketing will be sent out less frequently than regular ads. Because of the length that individuals hold onto the mail, as well as the intent that individuals won’t receive frequent mailings, mail marketing isn’t expected to be a constant drain from your marketing budget.

Direct mail marketing costs less than other forms of outreach to your client base. The response rate for mail marketing is higher than it is for mobile, email, media, or internet advertising. Especially with the high likelihood of returns, individuals have seen a 1300% return of the costs that they spend in mail marketing just from the purchases made because of what was sent out.

Able to be Tracked and Analyzed

Tracking the response rate to see the effectiveness of direct mail marketing is as easy as having a specific call to action in your marketing. Whether you request individuals call a certain number or visit a certain page, you can set aside areas where only those who receive the mail pieces are going to access.

Similarly, if the offer or product listed in your mail advertisement are time-specific, you are able to see the effectiveness of exactly what you are offering. If individuals tend not to use a birthday discount or especially respond to a holiday sale, you can see what information and options are most likely to make purchases for.

Creative and Customizable

Mail marketing gives your company more of an opportunity to develop and understand the niches of your market. Reaching out to individuals directly gives you more of an opportunity to develop a relationship with your customers by the methods you use in your mail.

Customizing your information based on the location, age range, and personality of your intended audience is what brings in the most interest, and sending physical information is one of the best ways to increase that amount of communication and interest.

How to Format Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing ideas can help you increase the profit your company sees. Understanding how beneficial it can be, look into some of our direct mail marketing examples and make your mail marketing campaign.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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