Best Multi Channel Marketing Strategies When Looking To Fill Vacancies

By Hannah Arroyo on August 23, 2021

In order to maximize your contact with potential renters, you need to have multiple areas where you’re reaching out. Each way that you can reach out is able to target a different selection of people. Using this method of advertising apartments is called multi channel marketing, using multiple channels for outreach. It refers to all possible methods of reaching out. 

Types of Channels

  • Blog – Create a blog about your city and add it to your website!
  • Catalog – You can mail these out directly to individuals or include them on your site.
  • Email – These can go directly to your tenants to maintain a low turnover rate as well as sending these to the residents of competition or those who subscribe to or request information from your other platforms!
  • Events – Hosting events at your location or supporting and donating to events outside of your location are incredibly effective ways to get your information out there in physical areas where individuals wouldn’t usually be able to find your apartment advertising.
  • Direct Mail – Especially for older tenants, having direct mail-ins provides a physical reminder as well as a potential personal touch to your marketing.
  • Displays in stores – having displays for your location can involve showing your amenities and your display unit, as well as posters and informational cards that you can leave in other stores.
  • Google My Business – Having a platform with Google allows your business to be seen and be notarized by others. It’s also a great place for information and reviews!
  • Pamphlets – Handing out or displaying pamphlets about your location will allow individuals to take specific information about your complex home and serve as a physical reminder to check the complex out.
  • Physical location – At your location, you are able to provide some of what you are offering in other services. You can display posters, give out pamphlets, and host events to draw attention. This will also provide viewers with the opportunity to see your location up close and personal in a tour.
  • Social Media – Platforms that you will want to consider are YouTube, SnapChat, and TikTok for videos, Instagram for images, and Twitter and Facebook for blurbs, events, and information. Using social media is the best way to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Pro Tip

Give a reaction, such as a like or heart, and a follow-back or a thank you note to those who view, comment on, and post about your complex. This will spread good views about your profiles and your complex. 

  • Text messaging – Allow individuals to set up for text informational messages so that they can have more direct and timely information by your contact about what events or deals may be going on.
  • TV ads – Utilize ad services like those that play before movies in your local theater, on streaming services like Hulu, or general cable space to advertise directly for your location. 
  • Website – Above all, Have A Website for your complex! This will be the most important area where your potential and current residents will be able to get information that they need about your location. Whether that be photos of your amenities or a platform to pay rent, your website will be the most useful tool in your apartment advertising, and much of your multiple channels will redirect back to or get information from your website. 

Recycling Content

A big aspect of multi channel marketing is recycling your content on the various platforms that you use. It shouldn’t be the same exact wording, but it can be if you’re low on ideas. With your platforms, as you change the wording, you do want to provide a unified front and single message to those searching for apartments. 

What to Address

Some negative aspects of having this many channels are the requirements necessary to maintain them. You will need some very efficient and communicative social media managers to ensure that the messages going out are efficient, connected, and important. 

Your complex will also have to find the balance between too little and too much contact through these channels. The amount of contact and the type of information uploaded may need to change depending on the unique specifications each channel you use.

The types of channels you will want to use for your complex will also depend on the types of residents you are wanting in your apartments. Advertising for different generations uses different social media or direct contact channels. For example, older communities are more likely to rely on mailed in information whereas younger individuals are more likely to see and check out ads on their used social platform. 


Using multi channel marketing helps the apartment to remain relevant to your potential renters as they move from a first-time renter to a long-term tenant. It will help you increase sales by keeping your renters with you and bringing in new tenants for as long as you are providing the quality they are looking for.

You are also able to receive more marketing data through utilizing multiple channels. You can see which demographics respond best to which types of marketing and double down on those aspects. You can get informed on what your renters are looking for and increase site user and tenant experience. 

Prospective tenants will receive information about you through the media channel that they prefer, which makes them more likely to examine your information and get back to you with a positive decision. It will be more direct contact for them to experience and feel connected and will have more individuals receiving that direct contact. 

Start Using Multi Channel Marketing!

Your marketing strategies for apartments won’t be effective without a presence that helps people to find your complex and get information or an application submitted to you. If you start using multiple channels, your location will be found and used more often, reducing your vacancies and lowering your apartment turnover rate. When individuals have the information that they need about you, they are able to make better and more informed decisions to be able to choose your location. Start using these multi channel marketing examples today!

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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