4 Types Of Tenants: Targeting When You’re Advertising Apartments

By Hannah Arroyo on August 16, 2021

When you are advertising apartments, it’ll be profitable to narrow down the scope and the focus of what you create. Depending on the type of apartments you offer, it’ll change what individuals you want to attract and find with your marketing. It can take a bit of research to see what ways to target your advertising for apartments, but we’ve put together some research for you here.

There are four main types of apartments that your complex can offer: family housing, student housing, singles housing, and pet friendly housing. For each of these, you’ll need to narrow down your ads to be most successful at bringing new tenants in, because all of this can vary depending on the types of residents that you’re looking for. 

Couples and Families

Most couples will also have both spouses working regularly, so married couples will be looking for more specific amenities. Date options like nearby restaurants or movie theaters, workout options like on-site gyms or pools, and personal concerns like dishwashers and soundproof walls will make their lives a little easier and are benefits to heavily advertise. 

Families will be looking for more amenities focused around child care and child rearing, as well as ease of access and benefit of location. The roughly 10 million renting families, either with one or two parents, are a huge market. 

If your location is near a school, especially a high rated public school, you have a great quality to emphasize. If not, public transport or school bus pickups are methods to invest in for stops at your complex. This will be a huge benefit to working families and those with tricky schedules to get kids to and from school safely and on time.

Emphasizing qualities about your neighborhood will be important when marketing to families. If the location has a park, is friendly, and has children in the neighborhood, it will be more appealing to individuals moving in. Especially for small families, having a good community when still living in an apartment is a huge factor in the decision making process.

Supplying childcare at your complex, being near child care facilities and offering discounts or transportation, or creating after school programs will look incredibly good to incoming parents. Knowing that their children will have a way to be taken care of when work goes too long is a huge relief to working parents and especially single parents. 

For your location itself, being able to provide accessible parking, elevators, and laundry facilities will be a boon to parents. Especially with young children, being able to easily move strollers, groceries, and laundry is a huge benefit to parents. Emphasize the simplicity your apartment complex offers by showing these amenities at work.

Where to Market

The average age of those getting married in 2020 is about 30 to 35 years old. This means that you’ll have a very specific marketing area as you are advertising apartments. According to recent media demographics, residents in this age range will be most likely to use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube more than other social media.

You are able to post demographic specific ads on these social media sites, as well as post information in groups specific to these resident types.

Single Renters

Almost 1.5 times the amount of couple and family residents, 16.9 million renters were one-person apartments. Single renters are usually looking for one of two things: affordability or convenience.

For convenience, there are a bunch of aspects that will make your property look valuable. One of the primary features these renters want is proximity to their workplace, or ease of transportation to it. You can add a section to your website to emphasize jobs in the area and partner with LinkedIn to draw interest to your area as accessible and nearby.

Another convenient aspect are the apartment facilities you offer. Single renters aren’t looking to start purchasing the big appliances they’ll need later down the line. Advertise the fact that you may have dishwashers, washer and dryer facilities, and any provided furnishings. This goes hand in hand with affordability – couches and microwaves can be expensive, so noting that you have these amenities will provide the ease of a luxury apartment without any of the real luxury expenses on your part.

You can offer more convenience options for your single renters, such as responsive maintenance, included utilities in rent, provided Wi-Fi, and even events to make your complex more appealing to these potential renters. These services will allow you to target multiple types of renters all at once: social and outgoing, home-bodies, and savings-dedicated tenants can all benefit from this.

Single individuals are also more likely to be interested in the space of the apartment. Individuals who are looking to save money may be more interested in smaller layouts or studio apartments, but renters who want to have people over or who are settling in for a while will be interested in more spacious layouts. Advertise the different options that you have to appeal to both types!

Where to Market

For single renters, you are more likely to find individuals of very different age ranges. About three-quarters of people under 25 are renting apartments, so marketing to their social media on Instagram and TikTok will be most effective. There is also a small boom in renters at age 62 and older, especially for single adults. These individuals rely more on Facebook as their primary form of social media, but would also benefit more from email and physical mail campaigns.


Of the millions of individuals who were renting, over three million individuals were enrolled in secondary or graduate schooling. Especially if you are located near a college or university campus, having your facility target student renters can be a huge benefit.

A lot of the information for single individuals can carry over to student housing, simply because most renters who are continuing their education are in their twenties. There are some niches that are specific to students that it will be good to advertise if you’re advertising apartments specifically for students.

Many students are going to be more interested in events that you might host. If you have a common area in your complex, be sure to utilize this for events that students would find interesting, whether that be a time for study hall or an evening concert, or both.

Students are less likely to be picky about the amenities that you offer, and they are more likely to be concerned with price of the apartment. Look into your competitors’ prices heavily as you continue advertising apartments, because they’ll be more of a competition than they might be otherwise.

If your prices are higher, state why directly in your ads! You can list things from providing furnished apartments to having a pool to listing private rooms. Students will be more invested in the value that you will provide in that way. Students also are going to be more likely to share apartments with other renters, so utilize services that help students find people they’ll want to stay with to have as roommates.

The things college students are going to want to be closest to are cafes, campus, bus stops, and work. With as much as they have going on, proximity is going to be a major selling point for you to emphasize. They’ll also be spending a lot of time inside, so promoting lots of fast Wi-Fi or having an easy location to pick up packages (i.e. textbooks) will be important when they look to move in.

Where to Market

College students are varied in the types of advertising they respond to, but there are more marketing options for students than other potential renters. Teaming up with school advertising or local businesses are very likely to reach students. Mailings can be sent or put on doors for students to consider to move to your complex if another location isn’t treating them how they’d like. For social media, having a good website that they can look up and ensuring your Google My Business profile and reviews are high-ranking will be best to draw interest.

Pet Owners

In 2014, 72% of renters said that they own a pet, so being pet-friendly or having a pet-friendly apartment section can open you to a huge market of potential clients.

Couples and families are the most likely tenants to have pets in their apartments. Out of total pet owners, 57% are married couples, but in general, individuals are more likely to have pets than to have kids in apartments. A great way to market for your complex is to have pet amenities accessible or nearby to your apartment complex. 

Having an outdoor or off-side, in-complex pet washing station can be a huge boon for clients who need to groom their pets frequently. Being nearby pet-friendly areas is great too, like a dog park or kennel service.

Proximity to an official groomer is a similar perk. Being able to quickly take their pet to the groomer will make planning and transportation easier for your tenants.

Being close to a vet will also be a point to advertise to pet owners. Having knowledge about the most accessible “clinic” for their pet will give more peace of mind to pet owners, especially if they have older animals or younger children.

Providing or encouraging dog-walking services can be a huge benefit to potential renters as well. Knowing that their pet can be taken care of during the day when they may not be home can give residents reassurance.

Teaming up with a nearby vet to discount or encourage neutering and spaying can be important to your complex keeping its number of animals down. This can help you in the long run to avoid damages by younger dogs. Along with this, discounting and encouraging pet vaccinations also helps pet owners with additional peace of mind that their pet is taken care of and doesn’t have additional risks. 

Cleaning services may be the best thing you can offer on your own behalf to pet owners. Fur and shedding can clog up the vents and drive the price up for heating, cooling, and repairs. You can include a pet fee to cover this, and you can also offer a discount for or require tenants to have additional cleaning services, such as daily vacuuming, a roomba, or mandatory frequent grooming.

How to advertise

Be clear

Make sure potential tenants can’t take advantage of pet benefits you offer by explicitly stating rules and regulations from the get-go. If you include a pet fee, be upfront about this. Many locations require $200 or more in pet fees, and you can beat the competition with a slightly lower fee than your competitors or a low monthly fee throughout the tenancy. If you require additional payments for pet amenities or maintenance costs, let tenants know.

Most importantly, state your pet policies. Many locations have a distinction between what sizes of pets they allow and what areas pets can be in, as well as on-leash requirements and requirements to pick up after the animals. Make sure these stipulations are in your contract and mentioned to your tenants when they sign.

Be encouraging

Because of the regulations surrounding pet ownership when you’re advertising apartments, you’ll want to be especially upbeat and kind about your marketing. State your pet amenities with pride and get ratings from your tenants to show your quality. Emphasize the benefits of pet ownership when you bring up your costs upfront. Encourage individuals to reach out to discuss specific pet apartment information from your managers 

Where to Advertise

For pet owners, you’ll be targeting a wide demographic as far as age. This can be a challenge for your marketing simply because of how different ages browse media. Thankfully, most millennials (born 1981+) and “zoomers” (born 1997+) have similar tastes in media use and marketing strategy effectiveness, and this 18 – 40 age range are the most likely to be pet owners regardless of ethnicity.

From Khoros’s research, the three most popular social media platforms for 18-to-40-year-olds are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which are all extremely useful in advertising apartments. For information on how to create your ads for these platforms, check out our information on multi-channel marketing strategies.


Despite the need for specificity, there are a few things that all individuals will want and that you should emphasize when advertising apartments.

Pricing transparency

A recent development in searcher’s mindset is a bit of mistrust towards sellers. Hidden fees can be a huge turn-off to potential tenants because to them, it removes trust between them and the landlord. 

Most individuals expect certain fees, such as pet fees and parking fees, but be upfront and transparent about your costs in your advertising. It’ll be more likely to draw in clients when they see what exactly their payment will go towards, what extra amenities they’d have to pay for, and what late or other fees will apply.


Potential tenants will be looking for what amenities you offer. This can be a huge selling point for them. 

Most individuals now expect fast internet and included parking, but popular amenities like on-site (and especially, in-apartment) laundry, sound-proofing, and gym amenities are huge bonuses to your location.


The location of your complex can be a big deal to some renters. If you are close to amenities that you don’t offer, such as a college campus or child care services, emphasize this in your advertising! Many individuals check the location for safety factors, proximity to other facilities, and age of area. Over 60% of renters feel that the location of where they rent is more important than features of the apartment, and most individuals will scope the area out before fully applying.

Start Advertising

Be sure to emphasize what you have and what’s around you! These different types of potential renters will be looking for information about where you are and what you are as a rentable complex. As you’re advertising apartments, see what renters are looking for as targets to draw in more interest from the group you’re selling to.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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