Good Google Tips: How to Edit Google Reviews you Receive

By Hannah Arroyo on August 9, 2021

When you’re opening an apartment complex, Google reviews can make or break you. All business starters want to know how to edit Google reviews. Unfortunately, you can’t edit a review that someone else posted about your complex. But you can have the review removed from the account if it meets certain criteria. 

Talk it Out 

Before you begin working to have the review taken down by Google itself, discuss the situation with the commenter and see if you can solve their problem or have them remove their content. Especially if the individual is a current tenant, you’re going to want to address any issues they’re experiencing before you take any other action. It will help to make your complex better and avoid issues in the future.

Remember when you’re doing this that Google is a public platform, and you want to remain professional and cool-headed so your apartment complex doesn’t get more grievances. You can offer to take the conversation elsewhere, such as email or the housing management office, but always remain respectful.

Express concern that they had a negative experience or situation and be sure that their concerns are addressed. When the commenter does edit google reviews or does take down the comment, be sure to thank them. 

Reach out to Google Support

To contact Google’s support for businesses, including your complex, go to, select “contact us,” then “customer reviews and photos,” and “manage customer reviews.” With this, you can choose how to receive assistance and they can direct you to ways they can help. They may not be able to tell you how to edit Google reviews, but they will be able to tell you if you can flag the post or if legal action needs to be taken.

You can also tweet directly to @googlesmallbiz on Twitter. Although they won’t give you the know-how to edit google reviews yourself, they can help you start the process of flagging or responding to a review. You can also discuss with the Google small business community this way to get more help and recommendations.

Flag Posts

For posts that directly violate Google’s terms of service, you can flag them for what they do. Google specifically has ten sections describing what content cannot be posted even as a comment or review. They include some additional types below. 

What Can be Flagged?


  • Posting fake content
  • Posting on the wrong business
  • Posting multiple times
    • From different accounts


  • Offensive
  • Off-topic
    • Rant
    • Politics

Promoting restricted substances

  • Alcohol
  • Guns
  • Gambling
  • Adult services


  • Copyright violations
  • Graphic violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Endangered animal products


  • Inciting hatred
  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Terrorist


  • Posts by owners or current or former employees 
  • Posts by friends/associates of those who had the experience, but were not customers / didn’t visit themselves
  • Impersonating someone else

How to Flag a Review

You will have to have a Google My Business account verified with you as the location owner to be able to view all your business reviews. You can claim your business listing by visiting and entering details about the complex, such as location, pricing, images, and much more. If you have multiple complexes, other businesses, or multiple locations, you’ll need to select the one that the concerning review is in reference to.

Log into your Google My Business profile and select the location, then select “Reviews” on the left hand side of the page and “All Reviews” in the top menu bar. On each listed review, the three-dot kebab menu lets you access more options on each one individually. For the concerning post, click on the dots and select “flag as inappropriate.” This will bring up a menu to select what the policy violation is and get some more information on what has occurred.

You can flag a post multiple times. If the post contains multiple violations, select the most concerning aspect and list that as the reason for flagging. The individuals handling the situation will be able to see the details on the comment. If they don’t get back to you in a reasonable amount of time, this is when you’ll take the liberty to flag the post again. Don’t use this as an opportunity to spam Google Support, but if you are concerned, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Reporting Illegal Content

If the review left on your complex has or promotes illegal content, you’ll have to take some different steps when you make the report. Reviews with this content have to be addressed higher than being flagged, and you’ll have to submit a legal removal request. This will go to the Google Legal Team and will be treated with a little higher priority, but don’t use the priority as a reason to use the legal channel for concerns that aren’t legally concerning.

To create a legal request for removal, you will go to and select “Create a request.” The form will then ask what Google platform has the illegal content, and you’ll select the Google Search option. It will bring up three new options for search, photos, or other, and you’ll select the third option, “Other Search Features.”

The next page will ask more specific options, and you’ll select “Local listings” as it will be about your complex reviews. Finally, it will have you state what type of issue you’re addressing such as your personal information getting posted, or copyright has been infringed.

If Your Concerns Aren’t Addressed

There are some things Google isn’t able to take action against, and some bad reviews may linger. You can monitor your reviews to try to moderate them yourself, but as far as how to edit Google reviews, you won’t be able to directly change content. The bright side is that negative reviews allow your location to seem real and not like you have edited your own listing.

There is a lot you are able to do to promote good reviews from tenants, tenant family, and from those who view the apartments. Weighing your listing more with positive reviews will make the negative reviews have less impact. You can check out some of our tips on how to get better Google reviews here.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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