How to Format Great Apartment Photography: 3 Sections

By Hannah Arroyo on August 2, 2021

Anywhere you’ll be showing off your apartment property, you’re going to want it to look as good as possible. Having quality photos and professional apartment photography is important in your apartment marketing, and arranging these photos so that they show a cohesive view of your complex is what makes the photos viewable and worthwhile to searchers. Knowing how to organize and set up your apartment photography will give you the benefit of having real and relevant information for your prospective tenants first.

Photo Sections

To best present your apartment complex, group the content in your apartment photography gallery into three sections: interior photos, amenities, and exterior photos. You’ll also want to present them in that order: the photo gallery on your website should show the inside of your facility first, then the amenities, and end with the outside.

Pro tips

– When providing a photo gallery of your rental property, interior floor layout should be shown first.

– After showing the interior of your facility, start with amenities. If you have a pool photo or a photo of another highly sought after amenity, place it first! Then, arrange your other best and most used amenities.


The apartment entrance or street view should be the first image visitors will see. This is an important part of showing prospective residents a “tour” of what you have to offer. You can group the interior apartment photos by type, such as 2- bedroom and then 3-bedroom models. You should organize photos either from apartment entrance to apartment interior (from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom, however it is laid out), or by importance (bedroom, then closet space, then bathroom, then kitchen, etc.).

When you show prospective residents an apartment gallery like this, it helps them know what to expect when they come to your apartment complex. Good apartment photography layout also helps potential residents get a sense of how many bedrooms are in the apartment and the general layout of the apartment itself.

The apartment photography gallery should include:

– apartment floor plans

– apartment location 

– entryway

And multiple angles of:

– living room

– bedrooms

– bathrooms

– kitchen

Be sure to not only take photos of the apartment itself, but also include apartment photography of hallways and common areas for prospective residents. They will want to know what is around them inside the apartment and inside the complex!


After these interior photos, you’ll include any amenity photos from your property, both in and out of the apartment. You’ll need images of any amenities inside the apartment before moving on to the amenities in the complex. If the apartment has an in-unit laundry facility, emphasize this! If the unit has two fridges, document it! Dishwashers, storage space, and even tile floors are all valuable amenities you can share before worrying about out-of-apartment photography.

The most looked for apartment amenities for renters include things like pet facilities, lawn space, roof and patio areas, pools, and fitness centers. Any provided furnishings and appliances including dishwashers and laundry are also aspects tenants really look for. If you have more apartment amenities, it’s important to show them off!

In the amenity photos, you can have residents enjoying the amenities and have photos of the amenities themselves. If you host an event and use an amenity like an outdoor grill or a volleyball net, you’ll definitely want those pictures as proof of how your amenities are used.


The apartment photo gallery should show both the interior and exterior of your apartment units. Once your apartment and amenity photos have been uploaded, you can add the apartment property exterior images. For the exterior apartment shots, you’re showing renters what your property looks like from the outside. If you have beautiful grounds around your apartment complex, why not highlight those in your apartment photo gallery?

Flower gardens, tree coverage, and park or playground space on your property are definitely aspects to emphasize. Any outdoor amenities should be placed in the section right before showing these exterior images so they can go along with the outside of the property. 

Make sure that individuals are able to use this to see what is around them in your complex. Two or three different angles of the apartment complex are necessary to provide perspective and depth to viewers. Whether this has tree areas, stone walkways, or tall windows, make sure prospective tenants have a good view of the outside and surroundings of the apartment before they come to the location.

Some Tips for Your Photos Are:

Make sure your apartment photos are well lit, taken from different angles, and make sure they clearly show what is being offered by the apartment complex. Use a quality camera, because the higher the resolution for each photo, the better they will appear online.

As far as user experience goes, if you have a lot of pictures to show, try adding photo filters at the top of the photo gallery page. This can lead to a better user experience as people are able to see specific photos without having to scroll through them all.

Also, it’s best to have a photo gallery that has a “next” button. This way new apartment renters will be able to see apartments without having to scroll back and forth.

Remove clutter in your apartment photos if at all possible. Potential renters don’t really want to see traffic or neighboring buildings in their photos, and it can negatively impact their desire to stay at your property.

Check around before hand to see what your most popular amenities are and emphasize them in your apartment photography. You can survey your current residents and check your reviews on things like Google My Business.

Plan it Out!

A well-planned apartment photo gallery on your apartment website can make or break future occupancy at your property. Prospective tenants will always be able to reference your apartment photography before they decide which apartment community they want to live in, so you need to show them the complex in a comprehensive way. Take time to decide what you want to show as your best features and select your best photos before adding them to your searchable profile.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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