Marketing for a Luxury Apartment Complex: 2021 Guide

By Tyler Ludlow on July 26, 2021

Marketing for a luxury apartment is different from marketing for any other type of apartment complex. For other complexes, you are selling prospective tenants a place of residence. For a luxury apartment complex, the marketing message is much more than just a place to call home. People are looking to be sold on an experience rather than an apartment. 

Marketing for luxury apartment complexes involves targeting the right market, understanding how lifestyle advertising works, and creating an atmosphere that invites tenants in. This article is your guide to understanding how to successfully market for your luxury apartment complex.

Finding Your Target Audience

Market to the right people: if you’re marketing for a luxury apartment complex, your target market is going to be higher income earners with more money than time. One of the most effective ways to do this would be targeting millennials who are looking for convenience in an urban lifestyle. Your marketing messages should speak to them about ease of life, social status, and comfortable amenities.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding potential clients, try using social media sites like Facebook which can help you find targeted interest groups. You can use groups that match up with what type of person you want as a tenant. You can go into Facebook and join groups that higher wealth millennials might find interest in.

Highlighting Amenities

The main focus of your advertising should be highlighting the specific amenities that your tenants have access to by being a resident. Things like pools, hot tubs, gyms, yoga classes, social lounges, bars, and especially social activities that your complex offers. Everything about your website and marketing campaign should focus on what makes your location different from any other complex.

The social aspect these amenities bring should be the highlight of your advertisement. Showing that you have a community rich in culture and people who are excited to make friends is going to make someone want to move into your luxury apartment complex even more. Highlighting all the amenities will also show prospective residents what they can expect living here long term more than just renting out a unit for a few months – and long-term residents will prevent you from ever having to read this article again!

Marketing Strategy

Once you know the specifics of your market and how to define its unique value proposition, it’s time to develop your strategy. This involves selecting channels that reach consumers within your demographic, targeting only those within your specific audience, and creating an effective message around the luxury apartment lifestyle.

PPC Advertising

One of the best ways to reach your target market is by making sure they find you when they are searching for a luxury property in your neighborhood. The best way to do this is through Google ads. Running Google Ads is one of the most affordable and effective marketing channels you can use, and with a competitive market like luxury apartments, it is essential so you aren’t lost in the extensive search results.

Pro tip:

Once your ads are up, it’s important to optimize them for conversion by testing different combinations of keywords, landing pages, and call-to-actions in order to increase clickthrough rates. This will lead to more prospective residents contacting you about living at your luxury property.

Advertising on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer a robust targeting option to narrow your advertising campaigns for luxury apartments. These three social media platforms allow you to zero in on the interests and behaviors of people in the luxury market by allowing them to fully visualize that experience through pictures and videos you use.

These platforms offer highly targeted ad options such as age range, location, gender, interests, and behaviors which will allow you more control over who is seeing your ads on these platforms. 

Pro tip:

It’s important to prepare for what potential residents might ask if they choose to take a tour or contact you with questions about how much this type of living would cost them.

Dedicated Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to follow up with leads. If you’re hosting an event, offering a concession, or facilitating anyone interested in viewing the complex, email marketing can be used to encourage communication with your customers. Research also shows that email marketing is the most cost effective form of marketing, since sending an email costs you virtually nothing.

Pro tip:

A dedicated email marketing company can make the most out of your email campaign by using customized newsletters, which are especially helpful when you want to exclude and include only certain subscribers. For example, your email may be different for people avidly searching for a luxury apartment than for those who are casually searching. Customized emails also allow you to create personalized subject lines and content for each person on your list by setting up API’s.

The Importance of Images

Marketing a luxury apartment complex is all about the imagery you use. Your audience should be able to visualize themselves partaking in the experiences they could be having by joining your apartment complex.

One of the best ways to market luxury apartment complexes is featuring pictures of the neighborhood and local hotspots along with images of interior spaces. You should also include images of the best amenities you have to offer, like a spa or swimming pool.

You want to create the impression that your potential renter will be living in their dream home if they move in. For this to be successful, include images of people enjoying the spaces within and around your complex. Including people makes the dream for the potential renter more realistic and provides them a path to becoming a tenant.

The best luxury apartment marketing strategies:

  • PPC Advertising For Specified Local Search.
  • Facebook Carousel Ads.
  • YouTube Video Ads.
  • Instagram Story Ads.
  • Retargeting With Display Ads.
  • SEO.


Marketing for a luxury apartment complex is different from marketing for your run of the mill multi-family complex. You need to focus your marketing efforts on defining who you will be advertising to and what kind of lifestyle image you wish to portray to interested prospects.

Like all other forms of marketing, the more money and effort you put into your campaign, the higher success rate you will find. Start by coming up with a budget and then diversifying your campaign to reach the widest audience. Once you start your campaign, you will be able to determine which marketing channel is yielding the greatest results, and then allocate more time and effort in that direction.

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Article by Tyler Ludlow

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