12 Best Marketing Ideas for Apartments to Fill Vacancies!

By Hannah Arroyo on July 19, 2021

Getting marketing ideas for apartments can be easy with marketing channels like Google Ads and Facebook. In a lot of ways, the work is already set up for you! Between the social media platforms and the lists of events you can host to draw in new residents, there is a pretty full list of marketing ideas for leasing apartments created for you. Here, we’ve listed some of the most creative marketing strategies for apartments to fill vacancies fast!

Our Apartment Marketing Ideas:

  • Post vacancies on Facebook marketplace.
  • Post vacancies on other Facebook groups (yard sale, renters, etc.)
  • Create a referral program for tenants.
  • Create Facebook & Instagram ads.
  • Run a geo-targeted ad on Google.
  • Focus on your Google My Business Listing.
  • Host events at your complex (and turn them into events on Facebook!)
  • Create Mail-ads and advertise directly to your competitors’ tenants.
  • Make frequent posts on social media.
  • Get your best tenants to write you a review.
  • Form relationships with local businesses.
  • Frequent resident email campaign.

Some Marketing Checks Before We Start

0.1) Make sure you have a beautiful and easy to use website.

This will make all the difference when marketing for your apartments. Even if you have a smaller complex, you won’t need an extensive website, just a usable one. In fact, there are plenty of single page websites that work perfectly fine. You can check some examples here.

Whether your complex is big or small you need a website before starting your marketing journey. Some things that your website should include in order to convert apartment seekers into your residents are:

  1. Photo tour / gallery
  2. Leasing form
  3. Information about your best amenities
  4. Local hotspots
  5. Call-to-action buttons (i.e. “learn more,” “sign now”)
  6. Chatbot (highly recommended!)

Make sure your website is up to par and ready to convert incoming traffic before you start using these following apartment advertising ideas!

0.2) Know who your audience is.

Who are the residents that usually stay in your apartment? What are their interests and wants from an apartment complex? We recommend making a list of these attributes of your usual tenants and prospective tenants to use for future targeting. This will make whichever strategy you choose to implement much more successful.

Let’s get started!

1.) Post Vacancies on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the most direct way to find people who are searching for an apartment ASAP. People on Facebook Marketplace are usually desperate for an apartment and in a time crunch, making it the perfect spot for your listings. 

Out of 2 billion monthly users according to Hubspot’s data, 66% use Facebook daily. This means it won’t be a leap for individuals already on Facebook to use the search tools within Facebook to find what they need. As it’s developed, it’s become an expected program for marketers to use. Post your listing on Marketplace frequently, but not so much as to spam, so that you remain one of the most recent (and easy to see) listings.

2.) Post Vacancies on Facebook Groups for Renters and Yard Sales

While you’re on Facebook, take the opportunity to find groups for your ad, and post your listing on other groups that people looking to rent will be on. Facebook is home to countless groups dedicated to apartment rentals and other general listings groups, with everything from general groups like “Portland Housing – Sublets and Rentals,” to specific groups such as “Portland Vegan Housing.” 

For many of these groups, you’ll need permission from page administrators and moderators to get access to and post on the page. Don’t let this be a deterrent! You can almost always easily get access just by requesting it with the “join group” button and accepting their terms of service.

3.) Create a Referral Program for Tenants

In a world full of internet marketing, word of mouth still remains your most effective marketing tool and lets your residents be your greatest ally when it comes to filling up apartments. Before you spend money on ads, give your residents the opportunity to work indirectly for you by inviting their friends and family to move next door! Whether this has a monetary or discount value, this can be important to many tenants and to you – client referrals generate two times more sales than ads do!

4.) Create Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads get your apartment complex in front of your specified target audience. This is the fastest way to create awareness around your complex making it one of the most efficient apartment digital marketing strategies out there. With just a few hundred dollars, you can be seen by thousands of people who may be interested in filling your vacancies. 

Having your ads on frequently used platforms makes it much easier for people to find and be interested in your listing. This is why it’s important to know who you’re marketing to as well (step 0.2) to see what platforms they would be likely to see ads on.

Facebook gives you the chance to target according to pretty much any factor you can think of, such as location, interests, or behaviors. With this, you can target your ads to be seen by people who may be moving by selecting specific attributes to target based on mover characteristics.

5.) Run a Geo-Targeted Ad on Google

A geo-targeted ad is specific to a certain location whether broad or small, like the state of Oregon, the zip code 97231, or the city of Redmond, Washington. Focusing your search to a specific location will be more cost effective and will get you the most relevant clicks the fastest. Only the people who are nearby and able to move to your apartment complex will be receiving ad information, and from there they can look over your information and see that you’re the best option. After all, google search stats show that 46% of searches on Google are for local information and 97% of individuals searched online to find a local business. Creating an ad on Google puts you on the top of users’ search inquiries who are looking for an apartment.

6.) Focus on Your Google My Business Listing

Your Google My Business listing is what all clients will be turning to for information about you. Everything from reviews to amenities and contact information to prices can be put on your listing, and that’s all information that apartment seekers want to find at a glance. Having a focused and completed Google My Business listing puts you ahead of the competition and gives your local listing a better ranking on Google.

For information to help with your Google My Business listing, you can download our Google My Business cheat sheet or watch our instructional webinar.

7.) Host Events at Your Complex – and Turn Them into Events on Facebook!

A big factor in drawing public attention is popularity, and drawing in clients with activities is a great way to increase your complex’s image and standing. For this, you may need to look into some marketing ideas for creating apartment community specifically to find what will draw your potential residents’ attention the most. 

Having events at your location incentivises non-tenants to visit your complex and potentially consider living there in the future as well as giving your current tenants an extra reason to stay in your location. The events, when on Facebook, act like a second ad. They inform potential residents what kind of effort goes into your location as well as giving images, location information, and contact information all in one event-based post. The best thing about event posts is that they are highly shareable and you can invite your residents to share the event with their friends.

8. Create Direct Mail Ads and Advertise to the People Staying with Your Competitors.

Mail-in ads give you a leg up on your competition because it is often an area of advertising that your competitors are not targeting to their own tenants. It’s a great way to put your name on the forefront of people’s minds when they are considering or planning on moving out of their apartment.

In your mail-in ads you should highlight amenities that you offer your residents what your competitors are lacking, from in apartments washers and dryers to bigger rooms. These are things that many residents will believe they need in their life and will give them an incentive to move away from their current apartment.

9.) Make Frequent Posts on Social Media.

Having more posts on your social media helps you become more relevant and more noticeable. It’s different from ads (step 4) because these aren’t paid promotions and won’t seem to clients like they’re tailored specifically to draw them in. Posting will make you become more relevant and present. Speaking will help apartment seekers remember to consider you when they’re looking for new housing. 

Social media posts are also a great place to put out information or promotional content, whether about your apartment complex or the activities available there. This is a way to include yourself into the community as a participating member rather than an outside looming organization. 

10.) Get Your Best Tenants to Write You a Review.

One of the main ways that people decide on housing is by looking over the reviews of the location. People want to know others’ experiences so that they can decide if the location will be a good fit for them. Give your tenants a request or an incentive to review your location, because their feedback will give your business an edge for finding new tenants.

11.) Form Relationships with Local Businesses.

Something that is often neglected when marketing is an outreach to the community. If you have a connection with local businesses, you are able to promote one another. This is another area where you should make decisions based on what type of people you’re marketing towards in your apartments – having businesses give your tenants discounts, or having businesses promote your business, will be a big help to your popularity, image, and amount of incoming residents.

Think about joining groups and clubs around your community where you will be able to meet other business professionals. The most common of these groups is your local chamber of commerce, but there are likely other groups that could interest and benefit you around the place where you are located.

12.) Create a Frequent Resident Email Campaign.

Retention is something that will keep your rooms full regardless of incoming residents, but also, having a positive relationship with your tenants will encourage them to bring in new business for you. 

In your perfect world, residents just wouldn’t move out of their apartments and would continue to sign new leases. Rolling over tenants would minimize your losses from empty units and costs nothing in marketing. Setting up email campaigns to stay in touch with your tenants is one way to form a lasting relationship with them that will influence them to stay. 

Follow These Marketing Ideas to Fill Vacancies!

Having these kinds of marketing ideas for apartment complexes under your belt will help your complex to grow and fill any vacancies. Many of these ideas will cost you absolutely nothing but will bring you an influx of new tenants. For those that will require a marketing budget, we recommend planning out your strategy carefully and using multiple marketing channels to target and retarget your prospective tenants.

Marketing for an apartment complex ain’t easy, but were dang good at it! Send us a message here if you’re interested in some help.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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