10 Social Media and Tenant Needs for Your Apartment Marketing Ideas

By Hannah Arroyo on July 12, 2021

Social media is one of the best ways to reach out to potential residents and peak their interest. Utilizing it properly is also a great way to pop up earlier in search results and create your own credibility. There are some specifics that your apartment marketing ideas should center around, like advertising events and giving out information, to draw in new residents and keep current residents informed and aware of what’s going on. These five social media tactics and five tenant motivators are needs for your marketing strategy.

1. Accounts and Affiliation

Almost five billion people globally are using the internet as of April 2021, and to reach out to them, you’ll need an online presence. There are several platforms that you will be using for your social media outreach, and you can use each one to target your community and your target renting group. You’ll want to be sure that each one has obvious similarities that make you easy to track, such as the same color scheme, description, and profile picture. 

Media Types

Having a social media account on every platform is ideal because it is uncommon for  an apartment complex but provides more opportunities to reach out to different types of people, putting you ahead of competition and accessible to people who may not have accounts on your bare-minimum platforms. 

You should at bare minimum have a Facebook profile and an Instagram account. These will be locations to post images and updates. You should also consider utilizing Youtube and, the more recent trend, TikTok, as well as Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Re-use Your Content!

Often, you can recycle content between the different social media platforms. Pieces of youtube content can go on TikTok, images from Instagram can go on Snapchat and Pinterest, notifications from Facebook can be posted to Twitter. This will be an easy way to get your information out to multiple corners of the internet and help you be more seen to searchers.

3. Blog Post

On your own website, one of the best ways to generate content, information, and general interest is by starting a blog. Most individuals are also searching for information about their communities, and having a blog about what goes on around your complex is a great apartment marketing idea. 

What to Post?

If your location hosts or sponsors certain events, be sure to include this information in your blog. For example, if you’re talking about Christmas activities and your complex does a community Giving Tree, mention it in your article. This will draw attention in the community as well as potential visitors to your property, whether searching for an apartment or checking out an activity. 

You can also introduce your team and your contact information more easily through a blog post. If you want to put more specific information about who your tenants will be working with and what they can expect from each individual, put it here. It would be easy to find as it’s attached to your website and would be usable for tenants to know who to reach out to for maintenance and applicants to know who to reach out to for applications.

Recycle Content

These blog posts can also be items to post about on your social media accounts. An easy Facebook update could reference the information you blog about, or a tweet could sum up some of your sponsored activities.

3. Manage SEO

For your posts and articles, be sure to have great search engine optimization, or SEO, working for you. This will be what makes your site and your information pop up in search results, especially with Google. 

Being accessible on Google and other search engines helps your clients to have the information that they need about the community and about your complex. With this, you’ll be working with a behind-the-scenes part of your sites and posts to add information to images and specificity to your text. It also involves using hashtags to your advantage and knowing how to link yourself to other information and resources that will support your property and your sites.

An important aspect to note is that your platform will need to change for the different types of tech used to search your information. Laptops and TVs have different layouts due to larger screens, and 92.8% of individuals are accessing the internet on phones and other mobile devices with smaller screens. Some of your site elements will have to change to be seen or be effective on these different platforms.

If you find yourself needing assistance managing your SEO or site design, reach out to us at TenantFindr to get a quote on starting it up for you. 

4. Video

Almost 50% of users check for related videos of services before visiting a physical location, and 90% haven’t made a decision on where to buy when they begin looking, according to Google trends. Videos are also the most shared and used type of content! Having video up for consumers to look at when they start their apartment search is an important apartment marketing idea to keep potential residents interested in your complex.

What You Can Include

There is an endless amount of content that you can refer to and include on your video platforms. A lot of content on your social pages can be requested or posted by community members, such as having an apartment competition and posting tenant submissions or videos from community members participating in your apartment’s hosted events.


Video content is particularly useful for any related event. It draws in more individuals and is more interesting and relevant than regular ads. Especially if an event happens in or on your property, or if it has good physical marketing for your complex in the background, post it to your social media! This is a great apartment marketing idea to draw attention and interest for your complex.


An easy way to provide information about your complex is by doing an apartment walkthrough on video. You can do sections of your complex, do each amenity and individuals using the amenity, or generally show off your apartments. You can have residents do this and compile some footage or go around yourself to interview or interact with your residents and your complex.


A popular type of video that recently cropped up has been the do-it-yourself videos, or DIY, for any kind of thing. Being able to give your tenants ideas on how to decorate, how to deep-clean, and how to organize are ways that you can draw in attention from others and provide resources that will draw individuals in. It will also put your property on display as you create videos in and about your complex.

Team introductions

Videos are also another location where you can introduce your team. With this, you can do one or individual videos where your team members introduce themselves and explain what they do for tenants. Having this removes some boundaries that would make residents hesitant to reach out.

5. Ads

Ads are an obvious part of social media for your apartment marketing. You’ll be able to draw in clicks from ads where users can see them and offers specifying what your prices and offers are, not just publicity and interest. 


Using social media for your ads will help you be able to target certain demographics. You can join Facebook Marketplaces for housing that will give you a platform to advertise vacant units directly to people specifically interested. On Instagram, you can set demographics to see how to market specifically to people you want as residents.

For Your Residents

To reach out to your current and potential residents directly, you’ll need to use more direct communication in your apartment marketing ideas. While you are able to discuss your property with interested individuals through social media, having this more direct contact will help you pull in those who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

6. Chatbots

On your own website, it is good to have a person there to talk with any prospective tenants at any time of the day. It’s hard to find someone to cover the graveyard shift for communication at a local apartment complex, however, so we recommend having a chat bot active to be able to answer some of the basic questions on your behalf. 

Getting a chatbot set up will take some fenagaling with the code on your website, but it will take a load off of you. You can program it to be able to list current deals, state prices, and take contact information, among other things. This will help to keep the ball rolling while you catch up on sleep.

7. Referral program

Having a referral program set up for your tenants to access gives you a boost ahead of competition. In the last few years, people are beginning to rely more on rankings that peers or users have given for a product, and that includes your apartment complex. 

You can request that tenants send you feedback on what they do and don’t like about the complex to be able to know what to advertise, but through word of mouth, your complex will see an increase or decrease in tenants. To keep vacancies down, encourage your tenants to refer other apartment seekers to the location by offering them a discount or prize for a signed lease. 

8. Virtual and real tours

What will interest your potential tenants most about your apartments will be a tour. This will be a key factor in the individual deciding on whether or not to choose your apartment complex, so paying special attention to your tour options is vital in your apartment marketing ideas.

You may want to have an apartment that you don’t lease out to specifically use for display and tour purposes. It will have to look like the rest of your apartments, not better and definitely not worse. Potential residents will want to see the dimensions of the bathroom, the depth of the closet, and the number of cabinets in person before they make a decision. 

They’ll also be looking for any aspects that may concern them, like irregular wifi or missing amenities, as well as to gauge what kind of apartment management they’d be dealing with when they move in. Take note of what you offer and display for your tours so that you won’t have problems to address when a tour happens. 

Be sure to offer some kind of virtual tour as well. Especially with how many individuals are online based, you’ll want a way to give distant or busy prospective tenants a way to view what they’d be renting with you. Whether you schedule a tour through Zoom, create a Youtube walkthrough of your complex, or create a 3-D model of the space, be sure that it is accessible and usable by potential renters.

9. Gifts and thank you notes

Something often overlooked by apartments and by people in general is the effectiveness of real thanks. Giving residents gifts and notes such as Christmas candy or a happy birthday goes a long way to how residents feel in your apartment complex. As apartment marketing ideas, giving gifts or rewards for leases and long-term residency is a great way to draw individuals in. 

Making sure to give thank you notes goes a long way as well. When individuals leave a review, even if it isn’t the best, thank them. Not only does this appear more professional and polite, it makes the commenter feel noted and opens a potential discussion when consumers see that you are communicable. 

10. Extended hours

Lastly, giving potential and current residents a little more time than other locations for package pickup, quiet hours, or maintenance request response makes individuals feel more valued and listened to. To stay ahead of the competition both in your complex and out, pay attention to your tenants needs and requests and try to make a little more time for them.

Want More Apartment Marketing Ideas?

With this list, you should be able to get started on a great social media repertoire for potential residents to check out. You can know what your intended renters will want from you as a complex and will be able to offer it to them from your own website or through the online presence you make. If you are interested in more apartment marketing ideas offline, you can check out some of our other suggestions for apartment marketing out in your community.

Article by Hannah Arroyo

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